Grow with SPMP

We believe that our world is precious, and so are our people. A career with SPMP offers you a unique opportunity to be part of an organisation that is committed to its people, and provides a culture of collaboration and learning to build collective success. You will get the opportunity to work with skilled professionals, learn from their experience and carve your own journey of excellence.

The business of precious metal processing is an emerging industry sector in Oman and is envisaged to create value in Oman's economy. As a professional, you will have the chance to witness growth in this sunrise sector.

Our team leaders entrust people with responsibilities early in their career, opening the doors for  employees to express their ideas, engage actively and be appreciated for their efforts.

We ensure that young talented Omani nationals receive the right attention and support from the management and their senior colleagues, helping them to develop and grow into competent professionals. We are committed to clear developmental plans and career paths for talent, allowing employees to acquire advanced skillsets and expand capabilities and competencies.

SPMP has zero tolerance to discrimination and has established a culture of inclusion and diversity.

Thanks for exploring this page and showing interest in SPMP. We always seek for precious people with precious talents.
Please check our LinkedIn page for current vacancies.

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